Ashley Qualls (The young girl who made Millions)

This is a story of how a 17 year old girl made millions of Dollars online...

She invested $8 on the website at the age of 16 and little did she know that the website was going to change her life for ever, when she started it was never about money, for her it was just a hobby, it was her doing what she loved, not about being a young entrepreneur ..

She didnt start by saying " I want to make a Make Money Online Blog that will make me millions of Dollars" but instead she just wanted to pursue her passion online and what followed was an overwhelming shock.

Her site gave out free Myspace layouts, and in those days Myspace was like facebook, everyone was on myspace and everyone was talking about it, it was also the most searched on Google, so she targeted a product that was on high demand during that time, so it was inevitable that the website was going to get a great amount of traffic.She worked hard to get her website noticed and she constantly tried new strategy's to make it be ahead of competition, she spent countless hours daily just working on her website and it paid off in a major way, but little did she know that she would be one of the most successful young entrepreneur ...

The website gets 7million visitors a month, so it wasn't hard to monetize it  and start earning revenue from it, in no time she was getting 6figure paychecks at a very  young age.  In early 2006 an undisclosed buyer offered to buy the website for $ 1.6 Million but she turned it down..

She is now going to be 21 years old, she is young, innovative and she has alot of Zeros in her bank account, the best thing is that she is self-made and she has a business model that's working for her.

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