Top Online earner's (Part 1)

He works 2 Hours a day and makes as much as $10 Million a year, who is he and how did he do it?

This guy is Markus Frind, Founder and CEO of an online dating website called Plenty of Fish, an internet innovator and entrepreneur that rose up the corporate ladder and formed a multi- million Dollar online company.

Some of you want to make money online, and some want to create a Make Money Online Blog that generates passive income online, well this story will motivate you not to quit when times become hard.

He graduated in 1999 with a Diploma in Computer Systems Technology, he didn't like the idea of working for a person so he decided to start an online company because of his love for computers, in 2003 he founded his company PlentyofFish, he was making roughly $40 a day with that website, and in 2004 he decided to pursue his online career full time.

Today the company makes over $300 000 a month from adverts, it has 8 employees, it has millions of subscribers and apparently everytime someone visits the website the owner makes $30 instantly, they are signing multi- million dollar deals and the owner only works 2hours a day.

His day starts at 10:00am, he wakes up and does the usual stuff(bath etc.) and then he walks down the Road to work, he opens his laptop and manages his website for 2hours and then checks his finances and after that he is back at home enjoying life, he only works 2 hours a day.............. and if hes feeling lazy then he doesnt even have to leave his apartment, he can work from home in his pijamas, this sounds like a fantasy for most people but for Markus this is a daily procedure, he can do what he loves, when he loves and how he loves it and he has all the time in the world and alot of zeros in the bank to help him. -->

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