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Making money online for kids is easier then it is for adults, kids(Teens) are more familiar with the internet and how it works, they learn quickly and they are extremely computer literate, So don't be surprised when you hear that there are kids who are making over $5000 a month just by being online, after all Mark Zuckerberg made millions. they start by making Tens of thousands a month with Make Money Online Blog's

                                                             Michael Dunlop

Michael Dunlop started blogging at the tender age of 16, his teachers would tell him that he would amount to nothing ang he was determined to prove them wrong, he started blogging and saw instant success at it, he was very talented at getting traffic into his blogs and he would get 100 000 unique visitors a month on his blogs, he discovered Google adsense and saw a great opportunity to make money online, his Google adsense account went from a couple of hundred dollars a day to a couple of thousands, he was under the age of 20 and he was making a couple of thousands $ a day, this was a great achievement. Soon adsense banned his account for no apparent reasons and he was left devastated but in no time he found another income stream online that made him more money then adsense, this was CPA, he managed to make a huge fortune as an affiliate. now he owns a Make Money Online Blog that pulls in tens of thousands of traffic monthly and he generates tens of thousands of dollars each month from it.

                                                                        Ryan Eagle
Ryan Eagle is a multi millionaire and he is also a master affilliate, he managed to milk millions from the internet at a very young age, his story is similar to the story of Michael but Ryan Eagle made it pay in a very big way.

He started with Google adsense and stumbled upon affiliating marketing by luck and then he managed to take that to a whole different level, he managed to make 6 figure digits, he now owns a couple of networks with his partner Harrison Gervitz and they are laughing all the way to the bank.

                                                                     Harrison Gervitz
Harrison Gevirtz formed a partnership with Ryan Eagle in early 2009. He began his online career at 13 years old by selling precious metals and jewels on eBay. His first break into internet marketing began with website development. This foray was met with success due to Mr. Gevirtz's relentless networking practices and business experience.
At age 15, Harrison Gevirtz began affiliate marketing with a specialization in monetizing social traffic. He was able to generate over 5 million in revenue during a summer off from High School, becoming one of the most recognized marketers in the industry. Mr. Gevirtz is passionate about business development, and has worked hard to refine and expand his companies' operations. This has resulted in, among other things, the collaboration between Eagle Web Assets and EWA Private Network.

                                                                  Souljah Boy
Souljah Boy is a perfect example of the power of the internet, he is a rapper and he started rapping at the age of 5, he wanted to be as good as Jay-Z and 2Pac, he wasnt from a priveledged background and his mother struggled to put ends meet, his early life was full of poverty.

As a teen he still wanted to be a rapper but the problem was that he couldint get a record deal so he started his own website and started to promote his music there, his unique style of rapping soon became an internet sensation, his website was flooded with traffic and he started to get world wide recognition, soon record labels started to notice him and in no time he signed a multi million dollar record deal and the rest was history.


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