Thomas Edison( Greatest inventor)

Thomas Edison is truly the greatest inventor to have ever lived, he is a great pioneer of modern day civilization and has contributed allot in developing society for the better.

Thomas A. Edison was born on February 11 1849 in Milan Ohio, his family later moved to Port Huron. At the age of 16 he decided to move out and go on his own. He had no formal education although he was taught how to read and write, his mother had also taught him arithmetic. He was a very curious kid so he taught himself alot of things.

He began working at the age of 13 and he took odd jobs like selling newspaper, he also enjoyed reading scientific and technical books. The Telegraph was a huge communication revolution and the telegraph industry was rapidly expanding so at age 17 he had the privilege to work as a telegrapher. Later Thomas Edison decided to move to Boston and become an inventor, his first invention was an electric voting machine that was designed to speed up the voting process, this invention was a huge failure.

He was determined to be a successful inventor and his first successful invention was a new and improved stock ticker, he called it ''Universal Stock Printer'', for this invention and some related inventions he received $40,000, this was enough money for him to set up a lab and work comfortably on other inventions. He later moved to Menlo Park near New York, this is when his first ''Great'' invention was birth, it was the tin foil Phonograph, it was the first machine that could record and reproduce sound, this machine bought Edison instant fame and he was even invited to the White House to do a demonstration.

Many people in those days had tried to create electric lighting, but nothing was practical enough for home use. Thomas Edison achieved creating an incandescent electric light that was practical, safe and economical. This gave birth to electronic power stations and he shaped society. This invention gave Mr Edison a lot of fame and wealth as electric lighting spread around the world. While working on the Phonograph Edison began to work on a device that does for the eye what the phonograph does for the ear and this was to become Motions Pictures, this was another industry that Thomas Edison Pioneered(movies).

Edison's most profitable product was the Alkaline battery, it took 10years to develop and it was by far the most difficult project that he has ever done, this battery was also going to be used in cars. This invention also paved the way for modern day Alkaline battery. October 18 1931 Mr. Edison died, a trgic loss f
or the world but his inventions will forever live on.

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